Please await the Black Tech Community webpage for Black Founders, Entrepreneurs, SME's, Mid Size Companies, Organizations, Talents, Professionals, Experts and Specialists to be launched soon. We represent our Community, Underserved Markets and aim to work together with other exiting Black Tech and Business communities globally. We are all about Equality, Diversity&Financial Inclusion, Impact, Innovation, Tech and Inspiration. Lead the way with us!


Due to covid19 we will mainly operate via the web. In future we would like meet you in all the different spaces we have to offer.


Come and enjoin the open space and share ideas, projects and common values with likeminded people.


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Be part of the upcoming BlackTech Netherlands events, with the leading individuals in Tech and some of the largets companies in Tech that embrace Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.


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The purpose of this group is to create a community of Black Tech Startup Founders, Black Tech SME company holders, International Multinational Black Tech company owners and Black Tech Talents & Specialists and build an ecosystem. The idea is to share knowlegde, work together, co-create, do business together, hold events, start new Co's, form a Black Owned Venture Capital Group / Investment Firm, set up a NEO Bank (Fintech online Bank), start a black owned coding school and/or High Tech school, inform about jobs and other. As a group we are going to change the narrative and create more opportunities for the next generation to come. We welcome ideas to make this group grow and inspire.


Some International statistics: - less than 1% of venture funding goes to Black- founded companies in the U.S.; In the U.K this is 0.5%. - Despite an increasing focus on representation across industries, only 3% of Silicon Valley’s workforce population is Black, there are 3 Black CEOs in the Fortune 500, and only 0.0006% of tech venture funding goes to Black female founders. - The median household wealth for a white family is $150,000 compared to only $13,000 for a Black family.


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We are a community of indivuduals that value Equality, Diversity and Financial Inclusion. Our focus is on Black People / people of African Descent, Women and People with Disabilities that (aspire) work(ing) and/or co-creating in Tech. With our own vision and ways we provide solutions to the big questions humanity asks and challenges the world faces.